Love of Nature
Art of Wine

Bosco del Merlo wines are born between western Friuli and eastern Veneto, rich in aromas and passion, from tenacious soils and from men who have in their hearts the ability to listen the nature.

Bosco del Merlo Wines encapsulate the philosophy and passion of the Paladin family: a family that has always combined tradition and innovation, with the aim of achieving an oenological quality capable of expressing the uniqueness and nuances of the territory.

Wines with the purity of nature

Bosco del Merlo produces wines typical of its terroir by combining culture and courage; it uses the most advanced technologies, with total respect forethics and theenvironment in which it operates, in order to offer uncompromising quality.

In these vineyards the reasoned viticulture, set in an actual family dimension. This cutting-edge practice has been shared for many years with the oenological team, the result of decades of synergy between R&D experts and the Universities of Padua and Milan.

A project that brings the value of uncompromising excellence to the glass, embracing the environment and both economic and social sustainability.

This experience has resulted in wines, particularly single-varietal wines, that stand out for their elegance and character: authentic ambassadors of style.

Bosco del Merlo is Family, Innovation, Sustainability and Art

Every Great Story has a Great Dream within it

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