Life in Rosé: a toast to women that helps research and supports healthy lifestyle

The Life in Rosé project was established in 2018 with the aim of promoting prevention and supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Bosco del Merlo has thus become an active part of LILT 's Nastro Rosa campaign by annually donating part of the proceeds from the sales of Prosecco Rosè DOC and Pinot Grigio Rosé DOC, and by being a promoter and frontline sponsor of sporting events in the area, such as Treviso In Rosa 2023, Corri Treviso and "La Caorlina," not to mention overseas projects together with CIBIC Run for the Cure.

Attention to social issues, respect for life and sustainability are core values for Bosco del Merlo and the wines are ambassadors of these important project.

Symbolising the Life in Rosé project are the Prosecco Rosé DOC and Pinot Grigio Rosé DOC Bosco del Merlo wines, distinguished by the colour par excellence associated with the feminine universe.

LILT is a voluntary association that is constantly committed to the fight against cancer and focuses on primary prevention (lifestyles and habits), secondary prevention (promotion of a culture of early diagnosis), andattention to the patient, his or her family, and his or her treatment and rehabilitation.

Bosco del Merlo is proud to have initiated the Life in Rosé project and to have been the first winery to support the LILT Association of Treviso and Milan, Monza and Brianza.

To date, thanks to the Life In Rosé project, Bosco del Merlo has donated 32,000 euros

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Life in Rosè is a project with a wide communication scope: thanks to the massive promotion and communication activity on all digital and press channels, many important personalities from the Influencer world (lifestyle, fashion and food), the food&beverage sector and specialised journalism have been involved.

Join the Life in Rosè community and become an ambassador of Bosco del Merlo's values, supporting respect for life and social sustainability.

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There is nothing more beautiful than doing good with what we love to do: wine!

Sharing is at the heart of the Life In Rosé project and aims to spread its charitable initiatives. Did you know?

Bosco del Merlo has been an official partner of LILT Treviso's Ottobre in Rosa for 3 years: a collaboration supported by Vice-President Nelly Raisi Mantovani and President Alessandro Gava, to whom special thanks are due.


The press conference in October 2021 was attended by Stefano Zanette - President Consorzio Prosecco DOC, Albino Armani - President Consorzio delle Venezie confirming the importance and resonance of the project.


In March 2022, the month par excellence dedicated to women, Bosco del Merlo's contribution SOSTEGNO IN ROSA lands in Milan, with LILT Monza Brianza, to support prevention and screening initiatives.


Michelin-starred Chef Tommaso Arrigoni of the Innocenti Evasioni Restaurant in Milan has dedicated a dish of the March Month menu to Bosco del Merlo's Pinot Grigio Rosé.

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