Since 1977 Bosco del Merlo has been pursuing an ambitious mission on a daily basis: to be guided by the principle of sustainability in every sphere in which it operates, which is why the 4V Project was born.

Respect for the Vine, safeguarding the Green, producing Sustainable Wine and protecting Life: these are the actions implemented every day to make a positive contribution to the system that surrounds us, starting from the production sphere and reaching the social sphere.

As of 2021, Bosco del Merlo has obtained EQUALITAS certification, an internationally recognized standard on Sustainable Wine, which examines 3 different corporate spheres: social, environmental and economic. Full details in the Sustainability Report.

for the Grapevine

Fertilization is done using only organic material(compost) or green manure in alternate rows.

Integrated pest management is adopted, reducing the use of phytosanitary treatments to a minimum; we apply the technique of sexual confusion to prevent diseases caused by insects, including the Moth.

The Life Vitisom project aims to promote sustainable soil management in viticulture through the development and testing of innovative vineyard fertilization technologies: VRT is used for the distribution of organic matrices.

We are SQNPI - Sistema Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata (National Quality System of Integrated Production) certified, a production method aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment and consumer health.


Variable rate technology

Variable rate technology involves automatic dosing of the product (compost, manure or solid separated digestate) from the tractor, which, equipped with GPS, follows the coordinates and level of vegetation given by the vigour maps for correct fertilisation. This method allows an improvement in soil quality, in terms of soil structure and organic matter and biodiversity content.

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for the Green

Waste water from the production process is managed by using a biological purifier.

Packaging in the wine industry is very important: environmentally friendly and recyclable closures are used, thus avoiding plastic materials in packaging and selecting suppliers who reflect these values in their work.

Waste materials such as paper, nylon and greaseproof paper are recycled through expert companies in the sector, while corks are recovered through collaboration with various local social associations.


Keeping energy use under control

Using renewable energy, through a photovoltaic system Bosco del Merlo produces 75% of its needs and guarantees temperature control. The Quality of a product can no longer disregard the efficiency of the production system, which must, on the other hand, guarantee minimum environmental impact and maximum energy saving. In our cellars there is a significant reduction in the use of refrigerants and, during fermentation operations, the CO2 produced is channelled and recovered to inertise other processes, thus minimising waste.

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for Wine

The temperature is modulated and controlled during the fermentation phase: musts from white grapes ferment at low temperatures, preserving their aromatic profile, while those from red grapes are managed at temperatures close to 25 °C to maximize color extraction.

From the harvesting of the grapes to the transformation of the must into wine, the processes take place in an inert system, not in contact with oxygen, to preserve its primary aromas, with the use of sulphites reduced to legal limits, as well as during ageing in the cellar.

The entire process in the cellar is IFS certified, a standard that guarantees the quality and safety of production systems.


A customised grape harvest.

Bosco del Merlo requires that each individual bunch reaches perfect ripeness and is harvested at the right time: therefore parceled harvesting is practiced, according to data from vigor maps and observation in the field. By harvesting during the coolest hours of the day, we ensure maximum preservation of the quality and primary aromas of the grapes and less energy is wasted in cooling the must.

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for Life

Through the Life in Rosé Project we support LILT activities: Pinot Grigio Rosé and Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut promote breast cancer prevention.

Discover Life in Rosé

We pursue an employer branding strategy to create a positive environment and cultivate collaborations with local entities and universities to develop research, innovation and create a virtuous network.

Bosco del Merlo wines are Vegan, both in the production process and in the packaging of the bottle and carton, avoiding the use of any glue or element of animal origin.