the result of an extraordinary connection
between border lands

Bosco del Merlo wines originate from the meeting of the lands of Western Friuli and Eastern Veneto, which have always been high wine vocation areas.

The territories of Western Friuli,
the strength of the stone

At the foothills of the Carnic Alps lies a large area created by the alluvium of the Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers: the Grave del Friuli. In our vineyards grow, in Sequals, the heart of these territories 
In the heart of these territories, in Sequals, grow our vineyards.
In this area, the alluvial origin soil, was created by calcareous-dolomitic material wrested from the mountains by the waters, the soil, from coarse, gradually becomes finer and finer. The Grave(from the Latin gravis, 'heavy') are, in fact, the rounded pebbles formed by the millennial erosive action of river waters.

The skeletal, pebble-rich soil ('claps' in the local language) reflects the heat during the day, which allows the grapes to ripen well, and at night it returns the heat accumulated during the sunniest hours.

Our vines are sheltered by the mountains from the cold winds and enjoy the climate favourable to their cultivation thanks to the good thermal excursions that enrich the concentration of aromas in the grapes.

Among the stones of Sequals, wines with unmistakable characteristics are born: minerality, excellent aromatic expressions and elegance enclosed in a sip.


Wines with unmistakable aromas

The vine is a very demanding plant in terms of climatic temperatures, in fact, each phase of the development cycle is determined by a range of temperature. In particular, the temperature range, i.e. the difference between the average temperature of day and night, allows the wine's aromas to be intense and elegant.

In our case, this temperature range and the stony soil create very distinctive aromas and flavours in the wine.

Did you know?

The Caranto,
the treasure of eastern Veneto

The caranto,
terroir that gives our vineyards unique and inimitable characteristics
for the creation of wines of excellence and tradition

The soil of the Eastern Veneto vineyards is characterised by a clayey-calcareous soil of fluvio-glacial origin: the Caranto, composed of a particular stratification that gives unique peculiarities to the grapes.

In this area, Bosco del Merlo has followed a careful zoning process in order to better understand which vineyards could be suitable for the cultivation of the most suitable vines.

Year by year, through mass selection and replanting, the best vines have been chosen for grafting and propagation, seeking for typicalness  and the best grapes for high quality wines.

Bosco del Merlo wines are born from human knowledge, agronomic traditions and vineyards stretching between Eastern Veneto and Western Friuli.