Bosco del Merlo for an ethical, sustainable and healthy lifestyle

Blackbird Woods for an ethical, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Bosco del Merlo's philosophy lies in the production and creation of products that respect nature, enhance the land and are healthy for human health. Hence the desire to become part of the VeganOk certification, a brand and label, which identifies vegan products, that is, free of materials and ingredients of animal origin.

Why produce a vegan wine

In recent years, a growing group of consumers shows that they are looking for products that are sustainable and good for their health.

The demand for products that are entirely vegan and free of animal-derived ingredients continues to grow, and consumers are becoming more informed and demanding.

Bosco del Merlo is committed to this mission and ensures that its wines contain no animal products, such as the use of "glues" to make the wine clearer.

Our customers can have confidence in our production chain because Bosco del Merlo strictly adheres to the strict specifications imposed by certification.

The VeganOk brand.

VeganOk represents a widespread Quality mark in Europe and is present on the labels of our products that take part in the certification. In fact, it is possible to check the eligibility of the product directly on our website or at

This ethical certification is committed to the dissemination of a positive and protective world for all, promoting daily change.

Join us for a more sustainable world and purchase our VeganOk wines!