Venetian magic enclosed in a glass of Bricola Chardonnay

Venetian magic enclosed in a glass of Bricola Chardonnay

A symbol of Venice and the Sea, Chardonnay Bricola is a unique and unmissable wine for this summer 2022

A sip reminiscent of the sea

Among Bosco del Merlo's offerings, one cannot forget lo Chardonnay Venezia DOC Bricola a wine that pays homage to the link with the splendid Venice and the sea that, centuries ago, bathed the lands where the vineyards stand today.

A Chardonnay for all occasions, perfect for aperitifs but also for the whole meal, reflecting Bosco del Merlo's commitment to the pursuit of excellence and the enhancement of the territory. The Chardonnay Venezia DOC Bricola takes its name from the typical nautical structure used in Venetian waters to indicate waterways: made up of three or more poles bricked together and planted in the seabed, the bricola has always been used by sailors as a characteristic landmark in lagoon waters. A landmark that invites boats to return to port from fishing.

The grapes are grown in a dedicated vineyard adjacent to the winery and grow on calcium-rich, white clay soil formed by the leaching of mineral-rich rocks. They reach perfect ripeness due to the good exposure to the sun given by the stripping technique and reduced bud load, and are harvested during the coolest hours of the day. This helps to preserve the primary aromas and flavors.

The characteristics of the soil, combined with a low yield per strain and cryomaceration at 5°C for 24 hours, allow the grapes to achieve body and fruity aromas. Maturation on yeasts allows them to express their full aromatic potential, while maintaining a balanced and smooth sensation.

A wine that respects the environment

Bricola, like all Bosco del Merlo wines, also embodies the values of the 4V project, a code of "Reasoned Viticulture" that innovatively rethinks the vineyard-garden ecosystem and places the environment-vineyard and man at the center of a sustainable path made up of research, listening to the landscape, attention to biodiversity and responsibility toward the future.

Chardonnay Bricola

In tasting

A straw-yellow wine with greenish highlights, Bricola's nose is intense, mineral and fresh; hints of yellow peach, golden apple and banana emerge. Perfect right from the aperitif, it sees ideal pairing with appetizers and delicate fish entrees, especially in delicate tartare such as amberjack or a fresh carpaccio of sea bass.

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