Bosco del Merlo official sponsor of Treviso In Rosa

It is indeed true that women are always running and, Treviso in Rosa, the running event organized by ASD Trevisatletica and ASD Corritreviso under the sponsorship of LILT Treviso section, is the perfect mirror of this attitude.

On May 7, 2023, the ninth edition of this race, which winds through the streets of Treviso under the banner of female cancer prevention, will start, and Bosco del Merlo with its LIFE IN ROSE' project will be an official sponsor of the event, further consolidating a commitment that is already well established.

Attention to social issues and respect for life are among the most heartfelt values of Bosco del Merlo, which again this year stands by women facing delicate health situations. Since 2018, Bosco del Merlo with Prosecco DOC Brut Rosè and Pinot Grigio Rosè DOC delle Venezie, has been supporting LILT, Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, in the Nastro Rosa campaign.

A tangible commitment that took shape through the Life in Rosè project, thanks to which the company managed, with the support of the two ambassador wines, to donate a sum of more than €24,000 to the cause. A mission that is intensified once again through the Treviso in Rosa race, which has precisely a charitable objective in favor of LILT section Treviso.

Sports is a caress for the mind and body, it is the perfect metaphor for prevention and self-respect.

"Running, practicing team sports, individual sports, or, in short, moving the body are all actions that allow us to know ourselves better-emphasizes Anjumol Cancian, a nutrition biologist from the Healthy Nutrition team that collaborates with Bosco del Merlo-and that give us greater and more conscious mental and physical well-being."

The goal of this event is, in fact, to enable participants to love their bodies, but more importantly it is to cross the finish line together on the side of women and prevention.